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Back from AC and already getting screwed, at work.  They first day back I got told that the I had to move, damn being in the marines suck.  I liked my roommates, not sure how my new roommates are gonna take me, so I have to hide it again which is gonna be suck, not sure what i am gonna do with alot of my things, I dun have anywhere to put them.  I am prolly either gonna give it to a local fur to hold on to for me or get a storage unit. Well on the bright side, I only have until Feb. until i get out of the marines, then I'll be free.  Not exactly sure where i am gonna move when I get out,  there are some furs that want me to move with them, right now, i am trying to decide between Seattle, Miami, Raliegh, or possibly somewhere in South Carolina.  I am leaning towards Seattle at the moment.
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I've been back in the states for about a month now, and been loving every moment of it.  Only a year until I get out of the marines, then I feel i will truly be free.  At the moment I am planning on moving to Seattle when I get out, not sure where in Seattle, but i have a year to find a place.  I really am looking forward to it.

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Still in Iraq, missing the US everyday, only 2 month to go. 
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